01. Manual and Robotic Welding

Got a project to outsource your weldments?
Team-up with Dalkotech!

As a strategic subcontractor in your supply chain, we will be an extension of your production, your facility, your company. We will fabricate your welded parts to print. We will meet and often exceed your most demanding requirements.

Our team of experts is at your service. We will provide the best technical support for your projects involving:

  • Manual welding
  • Robotic welding
  • Structural welding

We currently manufacture the following types of parts (and many others):

  • Structures
  • Frames/Chassis
  • Sub-frames
  • Platforms
  • Arms/Booms
  • Levers
  • Connectors/Links
  • Mounts
  • Brackets
  • Handrails
  • Hooks
  • Covers
  • Containers/Trays
  • Others


We use the following welding processes:

  • G.M.A.W. (MIG): Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • F.C.A.W: Flux Core Arc Welding
  • M.C.A.W.: Metal Core Arc Welding
  • These processes are performed by highly qualified welders, certified to CWB and AWS standards.

We also offer:

  • Manufacturing of prototypes (with intention to make your production)
  • Manufacturing of advanced tooling for higher production runs and/or tight tolerances (in collaboration with tooling specialists).
  • Welding of high resistance & exotic carbon steel: QT, Hardox, Scandia, etc.

Our qualified personnel, combined with the latest welding technologies, will ensure the success of your project!

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Dalkotech tanks: reliability at a competitive price!

Dalkotech has an automated assembly line specifically designed for tank manufacturing. We produce high quality steel tanks for all types of equipment, whether mobile or stationary.

  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Diesel tanks
  • Coolant tanks
  • Lube tanks

Dalkotech tanks are welded by robots to ensure consistent quality. This high-tech equipment eliminates the frequent man-made starts and stops, thereby limiting the number of joints and yielding perfectly sealed tanks.

  • Our tanks are made of HRPO steel: hot rolled pickled & oiled. This scale-free material helps in lowering contamination levels.
  • Our tanks are pressure tested (low pressure) and leak tested to ensure performance and sealing reliability.
  • Our tanks undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection process by qualified technicians.
  • Our tanks are typically painted. Unpainted areas are treated to prevent internal corrosion. The internal rust-preventive coating is approved and compatible with petroleum-based products. The exterior surface treatment, which typically includes cleaning, coating, and painting, is applied in our factory shortly after manufacturing.
  • Our rigorous tank manufacturing process was developed to comply with the most stringent specifications of world-renowned companies.

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03. Additional Integrated Processes

Facilitating completion of turnkey projects!

  • Plasma and laser cutting
  • Pre-machining of components
  • Post-machining of finished welded parts
  • Mechanical assembly of various components (fittings, studs, gauges, caps, covers, etc.)
  • Pre-paint surface preparation:
    • Shotblasting for weldments
    • Cleaning with phosphoric acid soap (for tanks)
  • Wet Paint line on automated line or individually painted
  • Identification of parts using punching, engraving, etching methods
  • Customized packaging

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